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Swartland Destinations & Attractions

The Swartland’s borders are Malmesbury, Piketberg, Olifant’s Mountain and Darling. It traverses the Riebeek Valley, and is only 50 kilometres from the pulse of the Western Cape, the Mother City of Cape Town. The Swartland is distinguished by its unrivalled natural beauty. It boasts miles of wheat fields, fruit orchards, vineyards and mountainous terrain. “Swart” translates to “black” in Afrikaans, and this is in references to the vast plains that take on a black colour after heavy rains in the region.

The major towns making up the Swartland include Darling, Malmesbury, Moorreesburg, Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West.

Malmesbury has a historical charm that entices locals and tourists to visit year after year. This is the Swartland's largest town and is known for its wine farms, wheat fields, sheep farms and poultry farms. Get the most out of this destination by embarking on a historical tour of the city or spending a morning at the Malmesbury Museum. The Swartland Wine Cellars are only three kilometres from town and promise some fabulous flavours to tickle the taste buds.

Avid cyclists may have heard of Koringberg, though very few others have. The mountain of the same name has a spectacular day trail that is ideal for keen mountain bikers. This trail is 17 kilometres long and is tough and challenging – not for first-timers or the relatively unfit.

Piketberg remains a rural town that is all about unspoilt beauty, immersing visitors in peace and tranquillity amidst spectacular surrounds. The landscape is characterised by mountain faces, colourful fynbos and clear, high African skies. As such, Piketberg is a great destination for those that enjoy being outdoors. Travellers who are interested in the history and culture should visit the various mission stations, art galleries and the farmers’ market.

Because the entire Swartland area comprises such magnificent natural areas, it is a delight for any visitor that enjoys spending time in the warm South African sun. There are a number of reserves (such as Renosterveld Reserve, Tienie Versveld Reserve, and Swartberg Nature Reserve). The Riebeek Valley offers plenty in the way of hiking, cycling, walking, rock climbing, camping, and so on. This makes it the ideal adventure destination for couples, families with children or groups of friends.


Eendekuil lies in a valley not even half an hour's drive north west of Piketberg, in the northerly reaches of the Swartland (translated directly to mean 'black land' for the rhenosterveld found in the area). Scenically, the ...


Lying on the route between Wellington and Gouda, Hermon might be but a blip on the map but it is actually a little village that has been here since forever - families have lived here for generations. It is one of four towns that ...


Koringberg is a scenic, but small town named after its dominating mountain range. Golden-hued fields of wheat and green mountains that meet the clear blue of the African skies make for some really special vistas. It is within ...


Malmesbury is a favourite weekend hotspot for many of the Cape Town locals that are looking for great food and wine within its serene borders. Of course, some prefer to enjoy the beauty on the many trails around this warm, ...


Moorreesburg is a tranquil and friendly little town, about 100 kilometres from Cape Town, and, if you believe the property agents, fast on its way to becoming a commuter town, although you would have to love peace and quiet for ...


Established in 1836, Piketberg has a fascinating history that complements its natural beauty to perfection. This is a small farming area that is close enough to Cape Town to be a convenient day trip, but far away enough from ...


Porterville is a quaint town nestled on the slopes of the Olifant's River Mountains. Situated 140 kilometres from Cape Town, Porterville is a friendly, welcoming town which is well known amongst locals as the paragliding and hang ...

Riebeek Kasteel

Hailed as one of the oldest villages in the country, Riebeek Kasteel has a distinctive old-world charm, not very different from classic Italian villages. All of this is immersed within the unutterable natural beauty of mountains, ...

Riebeek West

Riebeek West is neighbour to Riebeek Kasteel, and is also known for its breath-taking views and wonderfully scenic backdrops. It is close to the local vineyards, for those that appreciate the delicious flavours coming out of the ...
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