Destinations & Attractions in Olifants River Valley, in Cape Town

Olifants River Valley Destinations & Attractions

The Olifant's River sustains a magnificent landscape that is lush and fertile, providing the ideal backdrop to any experience of this Western Cape region. This river means life and sustenance to the community and their wildlife, and is revered as the source of life. The Olifant’s River Valley is breath-taking in its beauty, guaranteed to imprint its exquisite stamp on the minds and hearts of visitors so that they never forget the gorgeous vistas.

The valley hosts a number of little villages, hidden away from the "real world" of traffic jams and tall concrete buildings. Some of these established communities include Klawer, Strandfontein, Vredendal and Wuppertal. Some are perched along the Western Cape coastline, while others are secluded amongst the mountains. Wherever they are, the Olifant's River Valley towns and villages exude warm hospitality and old-fashioned charm.

The Cederberg is a popular spot for those that love camping, hiking and rock climbing. It looms over the citrus farming area of Citrusdal, and has inspired artists and authors by its unique beauty and mysterious air. The Cederberg is full of history. Cave paintings have been left behind to teach and remind us of the indigenous folk that once occupied the region. There are a number of camping grounds throughout, which provide stunning escapes for families. Other famous mountains that add so much intrigue to the local topography are the Swartberg and Koue Bokkeveld ranges.

Clanwilliam is one of the country's oldest towns, and is famous for the Rooibos tea and veldskoene (leather shoes) that it produces. In fact, Clanwilliam is considered to be the only place in the world in which Rooibos is cultivated. This tea is now being exported all over the world, and plays a major defining role in South African culture. Clanwilliam is also full of history, and its elegant architecture is testimony to this. The main road is flanked by art galleries, restaurants and boutique shops. During your time in Clanwilliam, be sure to sample some of its mutton or lamb, available fresh at the butcheries.

After heavy rains, the entire Olifant's Valley region bursts into a colourful rug of flowers, usually over August and September. The Cape Flower Route includes the areas of Lutzville, Vredendal, Vanrhynsdorp, Klawer and Clanwilliam, and showcases the splendour of these wild flowers to perfection.

Thanks to the natural abundance of the Olifant’s River Valley, a number of formal nature reserves and other natural areas have been established. Those that have a passion for the fauna and flora of South Africa should pay a visit to the Cederberg Wilderness Area, Beaverlac Nature Reserve, Bushmanskloof Wilderness, Matjiesrivier Nature Reserve, Pakhuis Conservancy, and Ramskop Nature Reserve.


The awesome area of the Cederberg is an outdoor lover's Mecca. The terrain is characterised by rugged, rocky mountains, caves, rivers and lush oases in the heart of it all. This is a historically and archaeologically wealthy spot ...


Halfway between Clanwilliam and Lamberts Bay, and 300 km from Cape Town, lies the little town of Graafwater. It lies in the northerly reaches of the Sandveld – a huge, sparsely populated area sandwiched between the West Coast ...


After passing Clanwilliam on the N7 the landscape begins to change. One leaves the beauty of the Cederberg for another beauty entirely. Now the Olifants River, of which one becomes aware near Clanwilliam as it feeds the dam and ...


The unspoilt beaches of Strandfontein have always been something spectacular. But, this little village is becoming increasingly popular as an escape from the humdrum of city life. It is famous for its annual wild flower displays, ...


Vanrhynsdorp is the heart of the Namaqualand, and boasts absolutely spectacular displays of wild flowers every year. It is about two hours’ drive north of Cape Town, and welcomes many visitors to its borders as they come here to ...


Although its roots extend to the 18th century, Vredendal is now a rather modern little town on the border of the Namaqualand. With its unique positioning, it allows visitors to explore the Cederberg and West Coast too, making it ...

Biedouw Valley

Biedouw Valley is shadowed by the mountain range of the same name, giving the entire valley a perfectly picturesque quality. It is not far from the historical little hub of Clanwilliam, and is one of the best places to come and ...


Citrusdal is a rustic village that is defined by incredible landscapes – ranging from rugged mountains and deep valleys to fertile fields of colourful blooms. This area has an ancient history that has earned it renown amongst ...


Clanwilliam is known for a number of things, not least of all its close proximity to the wonders of the Cederberg Mountains. This is a historical town, famous for its veldskoene and Rooibos tea. Its quaint character is enhanced ...


Halfway between Clanwilliam and Lamberts Bay, and 300 km from Cape Town, lies the little town of Graafwater. It lies in the northerly reaches of the Sandveld – a huge, sparsely populated area sandwiched between the West Coast ...


Porterville is a quaint town nestled on the slopes of the Olifant's River Mountains. Situated 140 kilometres from Cape Town, Porterville is a friendly, welcoming town which is well known amongst locals as the paragliding and hang ...


Nestled deep within the rocky splendour of the Cederberg Mountain Range is the historical little town of Wuppertal. It has a charm and intrigue all its own. Quiet and peaceful, it is the perfect retreat from the city ...
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